V-Drums TD-50 VIP: Next Level Drumming, Upgraded!

Exclusive free content, limited-edition merchandise and your 1-1 video lesson with a V-Drums product specialist, via Roland Cloud Academy

If you already play V-Drums, you can expect the highest standards of quality and service from Roland, whether you own the entry-level TD-1K, the workhorse TD-11KV or semi-pro TD-25KV…

But the flagship V-Drums TD-50 series is something truly special, representing the next chapter in electronic drumming – and if you’re a prospective TD-50 owner, then get ready to be part of something even more special.

We’re inviting new TD-50 owners to join Roland’s new TD-50 VIP scheme, with a range of benefits designed to ensure you get the most out of owning the finest electronic drum kit available.

Buy a V-Drums TD-50K, TD-50KV, or TD-50DP upgrade pack from at Drums Only from 22nd March 2018 and you’ll receive a valuable collection of extras, comprising:

  • exclusive SD card packed with new kits, play-along tracks and samples
  • limited-edition T-shirt or Roland jacket*
  • three-year extended warranty
  • one hour 1-to-1 video consultation session with one of Roland’s drum product specialists. During the call, you can explain how you plan to use your TD-50 before getting personalised feedback and practical tips on how to get the best from your new kit

So if you’re ready to take your drumming to the highest level, visit Drums Only, play a TD-50 and find out what the future of drumming sounds like.

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